My name is  Shannon and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and our kids.

Fork – Unable to exactly follow a recipe, I’m a home cook that loves to prepare hot comfort meals to my family. Each member has very specific likes and dislikes, so preparing a dinner that everyone enjoys is often an adventure. I like to say “If my husband likes it, the kids don’t like it. If my kids like it, everyone likes it. If I like it, nobody likes it.”

Needle – For the past five years, I have owned some variation of a sewing and/or fabric business. What started as Lilliputianmama.Etsy.com sewing clothes for children morphed into Small Grapes. I enjoy sewing all sorts of goods but specialize primarily in accessories.

Pen – I’m also graphic designer (graduated from CSU, Chico). Since becoming a stay at home mom in 2005,  I’ve worked on a number of freelance design projects for various companies on the West Coast with projects in both print and web design. Please check out my online presence, Old Truck Design.


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